Course Information

Prepare to take a scenic journey on this 13.1 mile course that winds through the Santa Ynez Valley bordered by the Sierra Madre Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Starting in downtown Santa Ynez, the course passes through the quaint town of Los Olivos before finishing on Copenhagen Drive in the heart of historic Solvang. In between you’ll wind through clusters of horse ranches, fruit orchards, lavender farms and vineyards.

The first six miles of the course into Los Olivos and the relay transition area is relatively flat with some rollers. After Los Olivos, you’ll hit Corkscrew Hill, a short but steep winding road to the top of Ballard Canyon. Then you’ll run almost 5 miles of fast downhill until you reach the Chalk Hill area. You hit a short hill or two here and then the final mile of the course is mostly downhill or flat into the town of Solvang where spectators will cheer you on down Copenhagen Drive to the finish!

Course Maps

Elevation Map

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Time Limitations

To enter the half marathon you must be able to finish the course in 3 hours and 30 minutes and keep a 15:00/mile pace or better. Casual walkers are not permitted in the half marathon due to this time limit. If you cannot keep the required pace on course, you will not be guaranteed course supervision by law enforcement and volunteers. Relay participants have must be able to finish their leg in 1 hour 50 minutes or less.

Race Rules, Safety & Courtesy

Please line up at the start according to your pace. Elite runners at the front and then line up by mile pace with 6 to 7 minute milers after the Elites, followed by 7 to 8 minute milers on back to the 14 to 15 minute or more milers in the back. Please stay on the right side of the road whenever possible and stay inside of the cones to the right where indicated.

No roller blades, skateboards, animals or bicycles on course without permission. Baby strollers designed for runners are permitted but must begin at the back of the starting line. Portable music with headphones are allowed but must be kept at low volume so runners can hear approaching traffic and verbal instructions from law enforcement and volunteers. Please obey law enforcement officers and volunteers at all times! They are positioned on course for your safety.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Aid Stations

Seven aid stations will be placed on-course between the start and finish areas. These stations are hosted by various non-profits, school teams and other groups. They are placed on-course at key locations and intervals approximately 1.5 miles apart.

Water will be offered at each aid station and HEED sports drink from Hammer Nutrition will be provided at each odd-numbered aid station. Gels and/or energy bars are provided in your goody bags but will not be placed at aid stations due to environmental concerns. Bring your own if you wish and please discard wrappers in trash receptacles at aid stations, or put them in your pocket… not alongside the road. Thank you. Please show your appreciation as you pass each aid station and obey the law officers and course monitors who are working hard to keep you safe and happy.